Students need to submit a dissertation when they are writing their thesis, the format of which is fixed. There are different sections and chapters that they need to cover when writing a research paper. Students always stumble when they come to the research methodology chapter for their thesis. We shall have a look at how to go about writing this chapter in the following paragraphs and learn the correct way to do so.

What is a Methodology Chapter

When you are writing a dissertation, there is a general set format that is to be followed. This means you need to cover the following chapters:
Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter I – Introduction
Chapter II – Background
Chapter III – Methodology
Chapter IV – Results
Chapter V – Conclusions and Recommendations
Each of the chapters are further divided into subtitles. Students know how to write the introduction part, but may find it difficult to explain their methodology. This is the most important part of your research paper, as you will be giving an insight to your readers about how you conducted the research and came up with the conclusions. In the methodology chapter, you have to provide the reader with a quick overview of the way you were able to gather information as well as material for your paper. This chapter is where you need to include the techniques undertaken to collect data. This means explaining the surveys, data mining, interviews, and experiments you may have conducted to propose your conclusion. Also, include the procedures for data analysis, like an analysis formula. You should also be able to justify your methods, so as to give them more credibility. This is true especially for students who are writing a scientific thesis. A methodology is the most crucial point and should be presented thoroughly and in a concise manner.

How to Write

If you want to make your research appear more credible, then there is no option but to understand in detail how to write a methodology. This chapter will help you showcase your knowledge of using alternative methods that help in presenting your research topic as more valid. The best way to demonstrate your research is by using a qualitative or quantitative process. The following are the general guidelines that you should follow, depending on the type of dissertation or research paper you are writing.

When you are writing a methodology, keep in mind that you are supposed to explain your basic research plan. You need to begin with a few introductory lines that restate your purpose for conducting the research. It is alright to use the basic phrases and statements you used in the Introduction chapter.