Creating a Reader-friendly Home

Somewhere in the rush to keep up, all of us have forgotten about reading. I see a lot of you disagreeing with me because I know a lot of avid readers too. But there is this other lot that has long-forgotten and probably even misses the joy of reading, so the idea of passing it on to their little ones may be out of the question. While our lot may be able to revive this habit at some point in the future, it is important that it at least be inculcated in children. The benefits of reading have been experienced by us adults at some point in time or the other. So that these benefits are availed by the younger generation too, here’s how we can encourage kids to read, by creating a suitable environment home.

Creating a Desirable Reading Environment at Home

Before we discuss the importance of developing a good physical environment to read, you ought to understand that forcing this habit on kids is going to yield nothing. In fact, it may lead them to despise reading. No one likes to be forced to do something, even if they secretly enjoy it. So coax them into it, don’t nag them to do it. And here’s how you can go about it.

The Reading Room/Area
Don’t you love a little area where you can snuggle up with a cup of hot cocoa and your favorite book? Don’t you want to create that same little haven for your child? Some kids are resistant to reading, so you have to lure them with other elements that will get them to pick up that book. Here’s what you can do:
If not a whole room, you can definitely designate a small area that becomes a reading zone in your house.
This reading area should be well-lit, naturally and artificially.
Add color to the area so that it becomes appealing. The color should not be jarring, but bright enough to attract someone into the zone. If you are doing this specially for kids, keep the colors bright, but don’t overpower with color. Let books, posters, rugs, and lamps add to the color, rather than painting a wall in a loud color or having a bright-colored bookshelf.
Maintain comfortable seating; a desk, a chair, a bean bag, a rug with floor cushions, or a recliner – anything that will make your child comfortable enough to read without badly affecting her/his posture is a good choice.
Keep seating for at least two people. The joy of reading together is greater than that of reading alone.