Leadership Activities for High School

The school is a place where a child can learn much more than the structured courses included in the curriculum, provided the right training is given. There are many leadership ideas for high school students which can help develop their confidence and make them assertive. As self-awareness is the key to development, leadership activities help in self assessment and personality development. Developing these skills in children from the high school days is very important.

Various leadership activities for students can inculcate personal assessment, and help develop potential leadership skills along with a sense of responsibility and identifying their leadership style.

Defining the term leadership is a difficult thing to do. However, it could be described as the process by which one influences people in order to get them enlisted in an activity for achieving a particular objective.

The participants for this activity could be from a minimum of 4 to 20 at the most. It takes around 1 hour to complete this activity. The objective of conducting this leadership activity is to help the participants identify their development needs and work towards the path of personal

Studying Astronomy and Astrophysics in the U.S.

Astronomy is defined by the Oxford dictionary as the branch of science that deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. Basically, it deals with the study of celestial objects like stars, planets, asteroids, and the like. Astrophysics is a branch of astronomy that deals with the physical nature of celestial objects, and the application of various physics theories and laws to understand astronomical observations. To study astronomy or astrophysics, a student needs a sincere liking for the subject, and a flair for physics, chemistry, and mathematics. Having an educational background relative to what you want to study may or may not be needed. Every college has its different set of entry requirements, so students should carefully assess what requirements they fulfill, and apply accordingly. Several colleges all over the world offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate courses in astronomy, and even provide different electives that give students a well-rounded education.

Whether you’re a high-school student exploring options or an undergraduate student thinking of going to grad school, it can be very difficult to zero in on one particular place where

Graduate Programs in Bioarchaeology

The quality of curiosity is evident throughout the history of humanity in the form of scientific discovery and inventions. It is this very quality that not only leads us to our future but also to our pasts. Humans, as a whole, are curious regarding their ancient origins and ancestral cultures. The field of science that can help sate this curiosity to a certain extent is bioarchaeology. It involves the study of human remains, that are found at archaeological sites, to reconstruct the lifestyles, health concerns, and day-to-day activities carried out in the past. Due to the emergence of this branch of science, scientists have been able to figure out and piece together various aspects of our ancestors’ lives. This helps us gain an insight into the path that the course of evolution took and what events occurred along the way.
Schools Offering Graduate Programs in Bioarchaeology

Arizona State UniversityBrown University
Harvard UniversityYale University
Stanford universityMississippi State University
New York UniversitySonoma State University
Illinois State UniversitySan Francisco State University
Western Michigan UniversityCity University of New York
University of California, Los AngelesEast Carolina University

Single sex schooling

I am sure that this article has been viewed by several young parents who are in the process of searching the best schools for their first child. Choosing an appropriate school might be a dilemma for some of you, but trust me, this problem is quite common all around the world. Parents generally choose co-ed schools or single gender schools based on the nature of their own schooling or their social upbringing. If you are looking for the pros and cons of single gender schools, then you have landed on just the perfect article.

Pros of Single Sex Schools
As a general observation, girls are seen to excel better in languages, arts and social sciences, while boys are more inclined towards mathematics and sciences. With a few exceptions, this observation is valid in majority of cases. This inclination to excellence in a particular field is on account of differences in brain development, ways of mental processing and responses to senses between the two sexes. Single gender schools can help children of a particular gender to excel in their key strong points.
It is observed that girl students from gender specific schools excel better in sports activities while boys excel in arts

Master’s Degree Online

Customized Learning to Suit Your Convenience

Online education is an innovative method to impart education. It has emerged rapidly, and is surely a blessing for those with the will to learn, but no time to go to a university or college. Whether you are someone who has just completed high school, or simply would like to continue your education while working on a full-time job, or you are returning to college after a few years at the workplace, online education is the most ideal option. As there are no geographical barriers to online learning, students can find a variety of course materials from different sources on the web that may not be available where they live or work.

Online education refers to education training delivered primarily via the Internet to students at remote locations with the absence of specific premises or location for learning. An online course may require the students and teachers to meet once or periodically in a physical setting for lectures, practical sessions in labs, or exams, as long as the total time duration in a physical environment does not exceed 25% of the total course duration.

Though online learning is convenient, a student has to remain committed towards the

The Purpose of Education

Formal education is divided into phases starting from primary school, continuing through higher education followed by education in a specific field (specialization). But education never really ends. You learn something from every incident you are exposed to, every experience you have and every person you meet. The process of education is believed to begin in the mother’s womb and it continues throughout one’s life.
We seldom think of what the real purpose of education is. We hardly think of the reason why education is so important. It is while we grow up that we begin to realize the role of education and understand how it applies to daily life. We begin to realize the importance of education only after it begins finding applications in our professional and personal life. If education is the process of gathering knowledge, it can never really end as knowledge is infinite and one can never claim to have acquired all of it.
Goal of Education
# To make you literate
# To help you make a living
# To make you self-aware
# To give you knowledge of the world
# To create good educators
The fundamental purpose of education is to teach a

An ongoing debate on paying off students loans

Education costs have increased to unprecedented levels in the last couple of decades. Therefore, student loans come in handy for people with financial constraints. Majority of us have to opt for loans during our college years to fund our education. Paying them off is a responsibility, that cannot be shirked. Many people who work for a couple of years, after finishing graduation, keep their student debt.

Instead of paying it off early, many people make it a part of their larger debt payment plan. If you have been doing likewise, you need to think carefully about the entire scenario. If at all you’re unable to do the math regarding the money, consult a financial adviser.

Why You Should Pay Off Your Student Loan Early

People have all sorts of misconceptions about repayment of student loans. Some try to keep them for tax breaks, while some believe it will help them in their debt payment plans. While arguments for both sides can seem justifiable in individual circumstances, here are some very fundamental and practical reasons for paying them off early.

Improvement in Debt-to-Income Ratio
Some simple math will help you to understand that lowering your debt-to-income ratio can easily help you save some money

Consolidation of student loans

Following an expensive college education, graduates are stuck with a ton of debt from student loans. This education has been foreseen as a primary necessity by all, and has consistently become more and more expensive. Hiring a good faculty is one of the primary motives of a college, which escalates the cost of providing education even more. Apart from the actual tuition fee, there are several other expenditures that are incurred by students on a daily basis.

Consolidation of Student Loans

It is principally a debt consolidation loan which combines previously borrowed loans and credit, and gradually pays off the debt plus interest payable of all. Though this is just an overview of the process that is involved in consolidating student loans, make sure that you do loads of research regarding the loan which you are planning to opt for. There are several options that will help you with your debt.

As the name suggests, it consolidates or sums up all the loans and debts which you have borrowed. These amounts are paid off with a requisite interest, plus a closure charge. Then you start paying back the entire amount to the lender, which is charged with a very low interest. This is

Modern Language Association

MLA or Modern Language Association format is mainly used for writings in the field of humanities, especially literature and language. It is considered simpler than most of the other writing styles like APA (American Psychological Association) and Chicago manual, which are opted for writing in different disciplines.
Though considered to be relatively simple, the MLA format does have a set of guidelines that the writer needs to follow. Students, especially those writing research papers, need to pay particular attention to the rules of MLA writing style. Here we give you some guidelines for making a heading in the MLA format.
Page Setup Instructions
Before writing a paper in the MLA format, there are a few things every writer should keep in mind about the page setup:

► Each page should have a 1-inch margin on all the four sides. It means that there should be a 1-inch gap between the edge of the paper and the content. With a page setup option, Microsoft Word makes it easier to have an MLA-style heading in a word file.

► Each line on the paper should be double-spaced. It means that the space between lines should be double the usual. Double spacing should be followed


Students need to submit a dissertation when they are writing their thesis, the format of which is fixed. There are different sections and chapters that they need to cover when writing a research paper. Students always stumble when they come to the research methodology chapter for their thesis. We shall have a look at how to go about writing this chapter in the following paragraphs and learn the correct way to do so.

What is a Methodology Chapter

When you are writing a dissertation, there is a general set format that is to be followed. This means you need to cover the following chapters:
Title Page
Table of Contents
Chapter I – Introduction
Chapter II – Background
Chapter III – Methodology
Chapter IV – Results
Chapter V – Conclusions and Recommendations
Each of the chapters are further divided into subtitles. Students know how to write the introduction part, but may find it difficult to explain their methodology. This is the most important part of your research paper, as you will be giving an insight to your readers about how you conducted the research and came up with the conclusions. In the methodology chapter, you have to provide the reader with

The advantages and disadvantages discussed

The first word that a child speaks, the first step that he takes, the first time he eats food―all these are taught to him by his parents. In the process of socialization of a person, parents and other family members have a big role to play. In old times, when there were no schools, children depended on their parents to teach them the skills of life. Now, however, things have changed and we have private and public schools filling in for the parents, and teaching children how to live, act, and survive in this world.

Homeschooling, a concept in which children, instead of going to schools, are taught by the parents or other guardians at home itself, is catching the fancy of many people again. People are considering this option as there are many advantages of homeschooling. However, at the same time, there are disadvantages as well. So, should parents go in for homeschooling, or should they rely on schools to educate their children? Let’s find it out by looking at the pros and cons of homeschooling.


Quality Time and Family Bonding

One of the benefits of homeschooling children is that parents get to spend a lot of quality time with the kids.

Here are some homeschooling laws you should know

Quick Fact
In the year 2011-2102, the parents of 91% of the homeschooled pupils said that their dissatisfaction with the public school environment was the primary reason for switching their children to home schools, instead.
Homeschooling is a concept fast becoming popular in the U.S., with many families preferring to teach their children at home, instead of sending them to a more formal educational institution. The reasons for this vary―parents wish to be associated more closely with their child’s development, or they feel dissatisfied with the public school system, or they are worried about their child’s safety when at school, or their child has special needs, or even if the child is gifted in music or sport and needs more time to practice that art.
Yes, the reasons definitely vary. What remains universal is the fact that parents believe they can make their child a better individual if he/she is schooled at home, either by them, or a tutor. However, it may not be very easy to switch to or decide on homeschooling, in some states. Fortunately, the law in Texas is friendlier on parents, and allows them to switch to homeschooling quite easily. Before you make the decision of

Engineering Schools

Students, particularly those who’re interested in engineering courses, have great admiration for some of the best engineering colleges in the US. Certainly, completing engineering studies from best undergraduate schools in the US qualifies students to be eligible for some of the highest salaries in engineering field. Moreover, the opportunity to work with some of the best firms in the world is no less rewarding. A comparative analysis of various salary ranges for jobs will present before you that engineering jobs are one of the most decently paid jobs all across the world. Be it IT jobs or the civil engineering field, engineers earn very competitive salaries.

Of course, it must be kept in mind that an individual has to work hard and must have a certain aptitude to get into these colleges by cracking their entrance exams. The real challenge of such kind of career education starts once students enter these universities, as the pressure of rigorous training and studies are very challenging. Students seeking admission in such reputed colleges must understand that they will be among the best brains of the nation, and so they have to work hard and prove themselves. Only then big firms and world-class MNCs that

Oldest University

There have been learning centers available for students for many centuries, ever since knowledge started spreading, but not all olden learning centers can be classified as universities. A college is an institution that grants learning degrees, whereas a university is a collection of many such colleges granting various degrees. The classification and definition of a university differs from country to country. For example, in the United States, an educational institution that undertakes research work is given this title. In the United Kingdom, the Further and Higher Education Act of 1992 grants power to the Privy Council to confer this title upon an institution. Basically, it means an institution of higher education (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and research, which confers degrees upon its students.
There were two universities which came before all the old ones that are functioning today, although these two are not in existence anymore. One of these universities was Takshashila and the other one was Nalanda.
Location: Currently in Pakistan
Founded in: 600 BC
It prospered greatly from 600 BC to 500 AD. It is said to be the world’s first proper university. It was present during the time of the Gandhara kingdom. Students from all over,

Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) You Never Knew

Massive Open Online Course, abbreviated as MOOC, has been heralded as the next big thing in education. It offers students an opportunity to learn from some of the best professors of the top Universities around the world. Although MOOC is still at a nascent stage, the overwhelming response it has garnered worldwide can be a sign of the times to come. However, in spite of getting widespread acclaim and acceptance (The New York Times dubbed 2012 as ‘The Year of MOOC’), there are certain challenges associated with it. The lack of accreditation of MOOCs is a concern that has been raised by many skeptics. Also, it has been seen that the difference between the number of students joining an MOOC, and the actual number of students completing it, is enormous. These concerns have raised certain questions on whether it is really the future of education around the world, or just another passing trend. Before we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of MOOCs, let us quickly see how it became the buzzword in the last couple of years.
A Brief History of MOOC
Distance learning is an alternative to people who want to acquire higher studies, but are

Teaching Strategies for Reading

It simply means attainment of language, sharing of information, communicating, and comprehending it the right way. It is an individual activity, and has to be done on your own for better comprehension. Literacy, in the true sense, is the ability to absorb the content that has been read. Such is the importance of reading in one’s life. With the invasion of technology, today, it’s more of electronic display, in the form of computers, tablets, television, mobile phones or eReaders that have been a part of people’s lifestyles. But thankfully, technology hasn’t yet taken over the traditional method of learning through books. It’s important to imbibe in children at a relatively tender age the fruits of embracing books. Now, if you find it boring, difficult, or simply tough to channelize and motivate your kids, here are a few tips.
Effective Strategies
To start with, one must know the language relatively well. Phonics are very important, as they help you connect with the sounds of every letter or group of letters, hence, clubbing them together to produce the correct pronunciation of the unknown words. The instruction begins with phonics, and kids learn to read simple text even before they complete the phonological

Elite universities U.S.A

If you are American, chances are you don’t believe that there is such a thing as an academic elite in the United States. This is because Americans strongly value the idea that the United States is a meritocracy – a society where anyone can get ahead based on their talent and hard work alone. For this reason, Americans tend to deny any kind of nepotism or elitism, since it shatters the idea that everyone in the United States is equal.

What Does the Ivy League Mean to the Americans?
In one word, precious. Located in the northeastern corner of the United States, the Ivy League is an athletic conference, comprising teams from eight private academic institutions. These include-
Brown University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Harvard University
Princeton University
University of Pennsylvania
Yale University
Seven of these institutions were established during the colonial times, and have consistently ranked among the best colleges in the world ever since.

Besides athletic tussles and an exemplary academic tradition, these colleges carry quite the reputation for being nitpickingly selective and elitist.

Power and Elite Universities
Consider this one question: How many high-power politicians and businessmen do you know of that did not attend Harvard, Yale,

Learning Disabilities

I totally agreed with Scott Hamilton when he said that the only disability in life is a wrong attitude. I strongly believe that disability is not a curse or punishment from God for some wrongdoings. No, I feel these people can live a normal life just like any normal person. In fact, people with disabilities are more determined to overcome this barrier and do not want to gain sympathy from people. I remember watching a video clip of a differently abled person who didn’t have hands but was writing with the pen held in his mouth. These people really inspire us to work harder and convert the weaknesses into strengths.

While choosing a college there are certain points which a differently abled person should evaluate before applying to the desired college.
Easily accessible campus and 24×7 buses available with special needs.
Offices having full-time staff for answering the queries of differently abled persons.
Help available in form of attendants or nurses for people with severe disabilities.
Course curriculum and extra tutoring for those who lag behind in class.
Extra curricular activities designed for people with disabilities and coaching for these people who are capable of entering into paralympic Olympics.
After considering

Creating a Reader-friendly Home

Somewhere in the rush to keep up, all of us have forgotten about reading. I see a lot of you disagreeing with me because I know a lot of avid readers too. But there is this other lot that has long-forgotten and probably even misses the joy of reading, so the idea of passing it on to their little ones may be out of the question. While our lot may be able to revive this habit at some point in the future, it is important that it at least be inculcated in children. The benefits of reading have been experienced by us adults at some point in time or the other. So that these benefits are availed by the younger generation too, here’s how we can encourage kids to read, by creating a suitable environment home.

Creating a Desirable Reading Environment at Home

Before we discuss the importance of developing a good physical environment to read, you ought to understand that forcing this habit on kids is going to yield nothing. In fact, it may lead them to despise reading. No one likes to be forced to do something, even if they secretly enjoy it. So coax them into it, don’t

Activities High School Students Will Really Enjoy

High school students have a mountain size ego which shatters to pieces, if you do not treat them well. Hence, you have to be extremely careful while interacting with this group. You have to inculcate a strong feeling of ‘belongingness’ in them. Given below are some ideas and games for high school students. These activities can provide a basis for inculcating team spirit in young students.
Games and Activities for High School Students
Set Your Own Rules
It is customary for teachers to hand out lengthy, printed sheets of rules and regulations, which the students are supposed to abide. Since, students are not involved in the entire process, they pay marginal attention at the printed sheet they receive. Instead, if you ask your students to pen down the set of rules and regulations which they are expected to follow, then it’ll be a lot more effective option.
Divide the class in teams of 4-5 students and ask each group to write down the set of rules. You can later hold an open discussion with the entire class to shortlist the rules, and of course you can add some of your own ‘absolutely essential’ rules as well. Ask a student to